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Show of the Week: Weddings

This week’s slideshow comes from Andy Kimmell of, a multimedia company that specializes in slideshow creation for weddings, graduations, corporate events and more.

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“The wedding was shot on July 15th in Fullerton CA at the Villa Del Sol.

The venue was great because it had a nice courtyard and two stories of balconies. The couple wasn’t going to have a videographer, but their friends and family convinced them to have one.

I shot with one camera and used the music that they played at the wedding as the soundtrack for each scene.

The coordinator told me they were going to do the grand entrance with the “Marry You” song from Glee, so I ran upstairs to the balcony to catch all the action. They had a lot of fun!

You could tell this was the happiest day of their life, as they were singing their favorite songs and looking into each others eyes during their first dance.

There was so much love for these two as many family and friends made made long heartfelt speeches about this wonderful couple.

Then they danced the night away!”


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