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Show of the Week: Niki and Kenny

This week’s slideshow comes from 808 Studios, a small studio located in Mason Ohio, a Suburb of Cincinnati. Nick O’Donnel the owner and lead photographer has been shooting weddings professionally since he was in High school. With a unique mix of innovation and creativity he has grown the business to shooting 40+ weddings per year and continues to be a leader in a very competitive market.

About the Slideshow
“Niki and Kenny are a couple that we photographed in June. Just by looking at them you could tell how much they loved each other. That’s one reason we chose to have them say something to each other.

Using our cameras to record audio, we got unique quotes from each of them, then included those quotes in the show. Kenny’s whole family is in the military, and his brother was in Iraq during the wedding.

We were able to put the show on a DVD and send it to him so he could see it. Kenny’s dad lived out of state and owns an iPad so we even downloaded the mobile device file so he can put it on the iPad to show all of his friends!”

Why Nick Uses ProShow Web
“We love ProShow Web for many reasons, One being that it’s all web based and extremely user friendly. We picked up on how to use the program in a matter of hours.

Another is having the ability to use whatever music you want, including tons of options already in the program, the possibilities are limitless.

The best part about all of it, is that it doesn’t take very much time. We can have a show ready in less than 20 minutes because we don’t have to worry about all the details the program does for you.

And, it’s brandable! so every time someone watches one of our shows, they know who produced it, the moment they start watching it. Proshow Web is one the best values we’ve found in years!”

Learn more about 808 Studios on their blog.

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