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Labor Day Photography Projects

Looking for something photo-centric to do this Labor day? Grab your camera and try one of these fun photography projects.

Color Coordinate
Set out to take photos of only one color or hue for an entire day. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll find and capture. Share your best shots on your blog or make a fun slideshow to share online.

365 Project
What better time to start your own 365 project? The concept is simple, snap a photo of yourself each day for an entire year then share them on a blog, website or make a slideshow! There’s event a dedicated Flickr group with over 1 million shared 365 day project photos!

Past and Present
Check out the site Dear Photograph, which is a collection of photos that show the past and present, together as one. Their moto is, “Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.” Have an old photo of your house? Go outside, snap a photo of yourself holding the old photo in the present. Then share it on Dear Photograph for others to see.

Photo Walks
Go on a photo walk! Get outside and take a picture at defined intervals, say every 5 minutes. Set an alarm on your phone to help remind you and once it goes off, stop and shoot whatever you see within 60 seconds.


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