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Adding Video to Slideshows for Increased Profits

If you’re selling slideshows but not using video clips, you may be losing out on a lot of profit potential.

The average slideshow buyer generally regards slideshows that feature video clips as having greater overall value. With a few small changes to your shows and a little creative marketing, you can easily use that perception to your advantage and create additional revenue for your business.

It’s easy to edit your video clips in ProShow Gold, Producer and ProShow Web.

Increased Production Quality
Even using a few, simple video clips as an extra bit of visual flair is an easy way to give your shows a more professional feel. That little extra polish will go a long way toward showing clients that your shows are worthy of your asking price.

You can even try adding abstract or “stock footage” style video clips to your shows. These are both excellent for creating title slides or for use as interesting slide backgrounds.

Keep in mind that just like music, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right to use video content in your shows. Websites like iStockphoto, Choicebackgrounds, Digital Hotcakes and Digital Juice are all excellent resources for royalty free video.

Offering Video as a “Premium”
A very common trend among slideshow sellers is to include video for an additional fee. When working with a new client, consider offering two price points for a slideshow. A standard show featuring only images, and a premium show that features images and video clips.

Here is a pricing example from a wedding photographer I recently met. In addition to her normal fees, she also offered a very basic slideshow for $250. As a premium offering, she offered her clients the exact same show, but added 2-3 short video clips. The price of the premium show…$750! -and yes, many of her clients gladly paid the difference!

For those who are curious, the two clips she added were shot with a point and shoot camera. One clip featured the bride and groom’s first dance. The other showed the limo pulling away with a very traditional “Just Married” on the back.

Not Using Video Yet?
Follow this link to an earlier blog post. There you’ll find some best practice ideas and some tips on using video in ProShow.

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