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Show of the Week: Kristen and Jeff

This week’s show comes from Artäge Pictures and features a really cool and interesting way to use video to create a behind-the-scenes look to a slideshow. Watch and you’ll see what we mean, a great technique that’s sure to bring back the emotion of the night for the couple!

Heidi and Steve from Artäge Pictures have been experimenting with the “fusion” movement, what they call Artäges, for a number of years now. The Artäge they created for Kristen and Jeff was meant to be more like a documentary, sort of a behind-the-scenes look at their wedding. The result was well-received by the client and their family and friends.

Kristen and Jeff’s wedding took place in Canada, just outside of Toronto. While it was not overly hot, rain threatened all day and the humidity was thick enough to cut through. The wedding ceremony took place at a big, ol’ gorgeous catholic church. The reception was eloquently designed by the bride and the day was arranged to provide ample time for photography – always appreciated by Heidi and Steve!

Heidi and Steve both shoot with Canon 5Dmkii’s and a host of L lenses. Video capture was with a 60D, on a tripod and left to run by itself. RAW files were converted by Lightroom and the slideshow was created with ProShow Producer.

Visit the Artäge Pictures website to learn more about Heidi and Steve.

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