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How to Create a Live Show in ProShow Producer

Capturing photos and displaying them on-the-fly in a slideshow at a wedding reception or event is an awesome way to wow your clients. With ProShow Producer, creating a live slideshow is easy and will be a huge crowd pleaser at your next event.

All you need is a camera capable of shooting and transferring images wirelessly, a laptop connected to an external display and ProShow Producer. Then you just need to construct your slideshow.

Check out this detailed how-to article in our knowledge base to learn exactly how to set up a Live Show in ProShow Producer so you can try it out at your next event.

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As the head of the Creative team at Photodex, Leslie is involved in the design & production of ProShow demos, slideshows & special effects. She is a self-professed Crazy Cat Lady who is into horror movies, music, good food, and riding her bike around Austin.