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We’ve Got our Heads in the Cloud

With all the talk about ‘the cloud’ recently, we thought we’d discuss how Photodex leverages this technology and makes it reliable and safe for our customers.

Cloud computing has been getting tons of hype recently, but the concept is far from new. In fact, anyone that’s ever uploaded a slideshow to our ProShow Gallery or created a video slideshow with ProShow Web has participated in ‘cloud computing’.

The concept of the cloud is simple. You are able to store, share and even work in a virtual space. Access your content anywhere, on any computer, as long as you have an internet connection.

That virtual space has to ‘live’ somewhere and for Photodex we house it all ourselves. It’s a huge undertaking with many benefits not only for us but for our customers. We have fewer outages, less malfunctions and more control over our system.

We sat down with Photodex’s president and founder, Paul Schmidt, to get his take on the cloud and how Photodex takes advantage of it.

“We back up and archive our systems to ensure that your content is there when you need it,” said Paul. “When a component fails, we have systems that make these failures transparent to the user. Ultimately, the problem is fundamentally simple: If something fails, you’d better have another one of those things to replace it with. This goes for machines, hard drives, switches, cables and copies of the users’ data.

We’ve invested heavily in infrastructure and partnerships to get us very reliable internet access directly into our own hosting facilities. We designed the entire network ourselves, so we know that everything works,” Paul said.

So there you have it! How do you feel about cloud computing and it becoming a more and more prevalent thing in our daily lives?

Want more info on the cloud? Read Paul’s recent article, 5 Things to Consider Before Embracing Cloud Computing, seen on the Venture Beat website.

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Amanda works in Photodex's marketing department and heads up the company's pr and events efforts. She loves photography, living in Austin and making slideshows.