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Tips for Projecting Slideshows

A common scenario for reunions and events is to project slideshows on a large screen. Before you debut your masterpiece, here are some tips to ensure that your show plays without a hitch.

1) Before you go to the event, find out what equipment will be available. You will need a projector and a device that connects to the projector to play the video. Typically, this device is a laptop (yours or theirs). If you’re using a DVD player, just burn your show to DVD like you normally would.

2) If you are using your laptop, we suggest outputting to a 720p video file for smooth, reliable HD-quality. Your images will look crisp, but the video file won’t be so large that it bogs down your system. (you can always use a different file type or format, but these settings work great for most)

In ProShow, select the ‘Create Output’ option. Choose ‘Video File’.
Use the suggested settings below:

3) Test, test and then test again.
Once you’ve outputted your show to DVD or video, test its playback. This is the only way you’ll be able to be sure everything is in working order before going live.

4) At the event, setup your equipment as early as possible to avoid delays or last minute surprises. Make sure you have the right cables hooked up to the projector and playback device. If possible, do a quick test to make sure the show plays like it should. Don’t forget to check the audio and volume levels too!!! Once everything checks out, you should be good to go!

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Amanda works in Photodex's marketing department and heads up the company's pr and events efforts. She loves photography, living in Austin and making slideshows.