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Sports and Action Photography Tips

From an iconic knock-out to the game winning touchdown, there’s nothing quite like catching those perfect moments that happen in the blink of eye. When you get it right, a single image can inspire, capture pure emotion and tell an entire story.

Those are the kinds of compelling shots that keep me motivated as a photographer, and it seems I’m not alone. Several readers recently asked for some sports/action photography advice. So today, I’ve put together some resources and basic tips that have helped me with my own photos.

A wonderful part of parenting is watching your own kids playing sports. But photographing kids sports can be just as challenging and fun as the big leagues!

Basic Sports/Action Photography Tips
Let’s start off with a few best practices.

1.Know your gear.
Sports/Action shots are all about speed. By learning how to make adjustments without stopping to look at your camera’s controls, you’ll be able to improve your ability to catch those perfect moments and avoid unwanted blurriness or exposure problems.

2.Arrive early, scout the location and pick your spot.
This gives you time to test your exposure settings, allows you to pre-focus on places where you know the action will be, select backgrounds and vantage points that will improve your image composition and help you eliminate unwanted spectators or obstructions in your shots.

3.Action and reaction.
If your goal is to follow the ball and shoot the gaming winning catch, go for it. But keep in mind that many of the best sports/action photos you’ll see feature people’s reactions to those gaming winning catches. Not only the winners, but the losers and spectators as well.

Photography Tips from the Pros
One of my favorite resources is Nikon’s Learn and Explore. Here you’ll find articles featuring advice from about a dozen Pro Sports Photographers. Each article includes a gallery of sample images that really highlight how to employ the basics mentioned above. Additionally, many of the images feature the exact camera settings used to capture those amazing shots.

Do you have any great sports tips to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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