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Sports and Action Photography Tips Pt. 2

Following up from last time…now that you have all of those great Sports/Action photos, let’s look at some best practices for making awesome Sports and Action slideshows.

Beijing Olympics 2008, Fencing Match. Photo by Serge Timacheff, official FIE photographer.

Timing is Everything
The feeling of speed, motion or high energy is typically the desired goal for sports/action slideshows. In ProShow, there are two basic ways to create that feeling:

1.Use shorter slide times. Decreasing the slide time is a very simple and effective way to create your preferred speed/energy. However, this also means less “screen time” for your photos. Naturally, you want your photos to be seen, so consider using the same images more than once in a show. Also, try using slide styles that duplicate your images and enhance their visual impact. (Ex: the built-in effect A Moving Backdrop).

2. Use shorter transition times. A still image can be visible for quite a while and still create speed, energy and motion simply by transitioning quickly into the next image. Try setting your transition times to 1 second or less. For an additional sense of speed, use transitions that feature blur or pushing motions.

Action, Reaction and Candid Moments
For sports specific slideshows….keep in mind that the winning catch isn’t the only thing that happens during a game. Some of the best shots you capture may feature a team warming up, a reaction to an opponent scoring etc. The looks on people’s faces, both in victory and defeat go a long way to helping you tell more compelling stories with your shows.

Beijing Olympics 2008. Photo by Serge Timacheff, official FIE photographer.

Choose the Right Music
The best types of songs are those that convey energy and motion, but don’t feel limited to crunchy guitar riffs or endless dance beats. You may find the energy you’re looking in any number of different types of music.

Always remember that your photos are the star of the show and soundtrack is there to assist your storytelling. After making a show, try watching it a few times to make sure that the music fits the imagery in addition to giving you the desired feeling of speed/motion/energy.

Let the Wizard Work its Magic
There are hundreds of slide styles and effects that work well for Sports/Action shows, but going through them all one at a time just isn’t practical. Avoid the extra work all together by letting ProShow’s wizard pick effects and adjust show timing for you!

For sports/action shows, I recommend the Impact theme (built-in to both ProShow Producer and ProShow Web). The Celebration themes also work well, but you may want to customize them in order to hide some of the “party” effects.

When the Wizard brings you to the Details step, Tune the Energy Level by moving the slider toward High. While it’s tempting to go all the way to the right, it’s not recommended. Try moving the slider about 3/4 of the way over to the right for the best balance of timing and effects.

Have you created a sports slideshow in ProShow? We’d love to see it! Feel free to post a link in the comments below.

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