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Show of the Week: Tara & Sean Married

This week’s slideshow comes from Caroline Tien-Spalding, owner and creator of Sphynge Photography, an exclusive boutique photography service. They’ve been crafting artistic, painting-inspired photographs for clients around the world since 2005.

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“Our art has been described as very editorial, with a strong sense of color and composition. It’s also very “chameleon” – I tell my clients that photography is like food, what’s too salty for me might not be salty enough for them.

We spend a lot of time before the engagement session tuning our eyes to our client’s taste, so that we can deliver their own view through our lens. So I think you’ll see variety in styles within our overall painting-inspired photoshophy.

I have a pretty eclectic background – I started as a painter. I also took photographs with film very early on – when I was 8, I spent a whole roll shooting my barbie doll “fashion style”… my mom’s face picking up that roll is something I’ll probably never forget.

Photography has provided a medium that captures the irreplaceable moment, one that frames emotions, and with the right light, can provide the impressionist feel I’m so drawn to.

Our inspiration? Everything around us. Add Picasso and Monet, and you’ve got the entire mix!

©Sphynge Photography

The slideshow above was created for Tara & Sean, an amazing couple that was married May 28th at the California Golf Club in South San Francisco. The setting was breathtaking, and the ceremony was really touching (held by Sean’s uncle as their officiant).

Tara did such an amazing job with all the details – she themed the wedding to be winery inspired, and it really showed throughout. Her attention to every detail really left a personal touch on every aspect of the wedding, from the corks of favorite wines and barrels used as cocktail tables, to the centerpieces.

©Sphynge Photography

She even altered her David’s Bridal dress with purple details to fall within the theme. The whole event was so inspirational!

Enjoy the show!

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