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Nonprofits Use Slideshows to Grow

Neighborhood Harvest Project was started in February of 2010 by Jeff and Lori Ferris to bring community gardening to Round Rock, Texas. Now in its second year, the organization has flourished into a vibrant growing community with organic flower and vegetable gardens and workshops about gardening and sustainable living.

As true with most nonprofits, getting the word out about their organization and gaining exposure is key to growth and getting donations. The Neighborhood Harvest Project wanted an easy and affordable way to create a video about their organization and turned to ProShow Web as the best tool for the job.

ProShow Web was a great way for us to create a video to post online and gain visibility for our nonprofit”, said Lori Ferris, co-founder of Neighborhood Harvest Project. “We’ll be able to use the video for so many things vital to our growth: new member outreach, requesting donations, grant submissions and community awareness. We’ve been able to post our video on Facebook, Neighborhood Harvest Project’s website and other places. The feedback has been incredible.” Ferris said.

Watch their video and learn more about Neighborhood Harvest Project on their website. If you’re in central Texas, maybe you can even rent a plot or two!

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