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Go Mobile with Slideshows

iPhone, iPod or iPad? Chances are, you have at least one or more smart device within reach right now. We all know how versatile and important these devices are in our lives, but what does a smart phone or portable media device have to do with slideshows? Well how does “they can help your business make more money” sound?

The Portable Portfolio

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding amateur, as a photographer the single best way to get more clients is to show off your work. The next time you meet a potential new client, before you reach for your business card, grab your mobile device and show your new client exactly what you can do.

Be sure to go beyond still photos and keep a slideshow on your device that really brings your images to life. Use effects and music and show off your work in a way that tells a story. By telling a story with your images, you’ll be able to grab the viewer’s attention, create an emotional connection, and turn that potential client into a paying customer.

You never know what kind of client you may meet, so be prepared. Keep shows on your device that highlight the variety of your portfolio and feature different moods and pacing.

Selling Portable Shows

In addition to offering a package of an album and a DVD slideshow, offer your customers a whole new way to enjoy the memories you capture for them.

Do your clients have smart phones? Are your clients tech savvy? Do you shoot High School students? In each of these cases, offering a portable slideshow is a very easy up-sell and can quickly become a great new source of revenue for your business.

Make a Portable Show
Making a portable show is easy! If you’re using ProShow Web, select a show and go to the Watch tab. In the Download area, you’ll find the Mobile Video option at the bottom. Once you create the video, simply save it to your hard drive and transfer it to your preferred mobile device.

Best of all, there’s no need to worry about device compatibility. Mobile videos created by ProShow Web are made in the MP4 video format -which is supported by today’s most popular devices, including Apple and Android tablets and phones.

When using ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer, open your show and select Device from the Create Output window. In the Create Video for Device window, choose your device, quality and save location. ProShow will automatically configure all of the technical settings to make sure your video is optimized for the selected device. Once the video is created, simply transfer the file to your device.

Some devices like the iPhone and iPad require the ProShow Devices Plug-in. The plug-in is easily installed in ProShow Gold or Producer and makes outputting your slideshows so easy. Learn more about the Device plug-in on the Photodex website.

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