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Adding Video to a Slideshow

In the world of slideshows, combining still photos and video clips is often referred to as “fusion”. The visual concept isn’t new, but among slideshow enthusiasts and photographers, this technique is becoming more and more popular.

Tools like ProShow make combining photos and video clips in a slideshow easier than ever.

Scene from an awesome slideshow by Discovery Bay Studios, a studio that’s mastered the art of mixing photos and video together. Watch the entire show.

If you haven’t made a slideshow with video before, here are a few quick tips to help get you started.

Incorporating Video into Your Workflow
The key is to keep your video clips short and simple. If you’re capturing hours of footage at a time you’re definitely filming too much video for slideshows.

Capture short 10 to 30 second clips. These can be easily mixed into a slideshow with your photos.

When it comes to equipment, before you spend money on a dedicated video camera, check your camera bag. Most newer DSLRs, point & shoot cameras, pocket video recorders and even smart phones are more than capable of delivering high quality video.

How to Add Video to a Slideshow in ProShow
Using video in your slideshows opens up new avenues of creativity and is an excellent way to add even more life to your storytelling. Plus it’s very easy to do! In fact it’s exactly the same as adding an image in ProShow.

If you’re using ProShow Gold or Producer, locate the video clip(s) using your Folders List and Files List, then drag and drop each video onto the Slide List.

Using ProShow Web, select a show and go to the Imagery tab. In the Imagery Tools area, click on the Add photos & videos button. Simply browse your computer for the video clip(s) you wish to use.

You can also add videos already uploaded to other websites by selecting the Facebook and SmugMug icons. Simply log in, and browse your account(s) for the desired video clips.

With all versions of ProShow, once a video is added you can trim the video, create motion, add effects and even apply slide styles!

ProShow treats videos exactly the same has it does images. You can turn a color video black and white by using the colorize tool, apply a slide stlye to a video, add text over a video clip and more.

Try experimenting with ProShow’s built-in features and editing options with your video clips to open up a whole new realm of creative possibilities.

You can trim out any unwanted frames in your videos using ProShow Web, Producer and ProShow Gold.

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