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Blend it like Beckham – Using Masks in ProShow Producer

Today’s tutorial comes from Jennifer Clark. Jennifer is the owner and creator of, a resource for ProShow effects, video backgrounds, training and more.  Today she shares some tips on using masks in Producer.

“Once you’ve got the basics of grey-scale masking down (White reveals, Black conceals, variants of grey fall somewhere in between) you’re ready to play with some masks. So, you add two images to a slide and add a gradient mask on top of one of them. But it doesn’t look right….you can still see the edge of your photo, even though it is clearly under the mask:

The KEY is in the Keyframes. Color-Stay Keframes, that is. Remember, 100% white reveals and 100% black conceals. When you create a linear black to white gradient you only get 100% white on one edge and 100% black on the other edge. Everything else in between is actually some shade of grey. So, to really define your masked area, you need to build more white and black into your gradient:

Right Click on your Gradient Layer and choose Edit Layer>Gradient Options to open the Create Gradient Window. To add new Color Stay Keframes, simply click on one that is already there and drag it to the middle of the color bar. Do the same for the other side. Now what you have is full black for most of your gradient, full white for most of your gradient AND a nice strip of grey in the middle. Use those two middle keyframes to play with the position of the strip of grey as well as its width to make your blend smooth and seamless.”

Visit Jennifer’s website and swing by her blog for more helpful tips and tricks on ProShow.

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