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Featured Photographer Kelli Etheridge

Kelli Etheridge is the owner of Etheridge Photographic, a photography studio located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, specializing in pregnancy, baby and family portraits. Kelli photographers some of life’s most precious memories and creates beautiful slideshows for her clients.

ProShow is my photographic storytelling tool – images come to life when creatively combined with music, captions and artistic effects. I am continually inspired by the possibilities that ProShow provides. If I can make your heart skip a beat, bring tears to your eyes, make you smile or laugh, then I have been successful”, says Kelli.

Watch her adorable slideshow, The Story of Isabelle.

See more of Kelli’s photos on her website. And don’t miss an opportunity to attend one of Kelli’s popular workshops on everything from ProShow to Studio Lighting..

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