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Featured Photographers Steve and Heidi Somfalvi

Heidi and Steve from Artäge Pictures quickly gained recognition for their unique ability to seamlessly weave video clips, still images and music into one final cohesive piece. In their search for a name to describe this “collage of art”, Artäge was born.

Their wedding photography business started on the heels of planning their very own wedding. In researching local photographers they discovered a void – one company that could offer both Heidi’s whimsical style mixed with Steve’s more dramatic imagery. As the years have passed, their brides became mothers and Artäge Pictures now finds itself as busy with weddings as it is with portraits of cute babies and grinning parents.

Watch ‘The Day After’ video below to see how they combine photos and video clips together into one final production for clients using ProShow Producer.

To see more of Steve and Heidi’s images and watch more awesome videos, visit the Artäge Pictures website.

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