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Using Composition Tools in ProShow

Composition is all about the conscious arrangement of the elements in your slideshow to achieve the result you want. You probably already have learned first-hand, that the different ways you might present your images, video text and music, can inspire vastly different moods and reactions.

The good news is that anybody, not just artists, can use basic composition techniques to create more attractive and interesting slideshows. ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer offer some pretty handy, built-in composition tools that can help you utilize these techniques.

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Adding Video to Slideshows for Increased Profits

If you’re selling slideshows but not using video clips, you may be losing out on a lot of profit potential.

The average slideshow buyer generally regards slideshows that feature video clips as having greater overall value. With a few small changes to your shows and a little creative marketing, you can easily use that perception to your advantage and create additional revenue for your business.

It’s easy to edit your video clips in ProShow Gold, Producer and ProShow Web.

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Show of the Week: Jeri’s College Graduation

This week’s show comes from ProShow Producer user Len Brewer. He shares a wonderful slideshow he put together for his daughter’s college graduation.

Created with ProShow Producer.

“I created a video for my daughter’s high school graduation and it turned out to be really popular with family and on YouTube (over 225,000 views!)

That video prompted my daughter to burst into tears and run across the room to give me a hug. So, I really felt pressure to equal that reaction with her college graduation video.

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Free Effects for ProShow – Senior Style

With school back in full-swing and high school seniors on the look-out for an awesome portrait photographer, we thought now would be the perfect time to do a freebie give-away of a cool slide style and caption effect for ProShow Gold and Producer users. ProShow Web users, check out the new Senior Style theme available now. Watch the video below to see what the effects looks like!

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Show of the Week: Weddings

This week’s slideshow comes from Andy Kimmell of, a multimedia company that specializes in slideshow creation for weddings, graduations, corporate events and more.

Created with ProShow Producer

“The wedding was shot on July 15th in Fullerton CA at the Villa Del Sol.

The venue was great because it had a nice courtyard and two stories of balconies. The couple wasn’t going to have a videographer, but their friends and family convinced them to have one.

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Show of the Week: Adventures in My Backyard

This week’s slideshow comes from Derek Smiley and showcases some beautiful landscape and nature photography.

Slideshow created in ProShow Producer.

“Whether it be the ocean or the mountains, I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast and photographer. This slideshow features the beautiful scenery of the high country in our area, which I lovingly call “my backyard.” My wife Kathy and I have wandered this place for more than 17 years and we’re continually amazed at the magnificence and contrasts nature has provided. I hope you enjoy our backyard as much as we do.”


Using Copy Settings in ProShow Producer

Today’s video tutorial comes from Jennifer Clark. Jennifer is the owner and creator of, a resource for ProShow effects, video backgrounds, training and more.

Today she shares some tips on using copy settings on multiple layers in Producer.