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Making a Demo Slideshow Reel for Your Business

Today's guest post comes from photographer Lisa Robinson
Today’s guest post comes from photographer Lisa Robinson

One of my favorite things about slideshows is how powerful they can be. There’s something about setting a series of photographs in motion with just the right music that can really tug at people’s emotions. That’s why it is such a great tool to use in your business! Making a demo reel of your showcase images can only add to the awesomeness you are creating and putting into the world. Here are a few of my tips on how to make an effective demo reel: Continue reading

10 Inspirational Travel Photography Blogs


One of the best parts about traveling is all the beautiful sites you get to see along the way. Taking photos of all these breathtaking places is a great way to relive those moments. (Another great way to relive the moment is by creating a slideshow…just saying.)Continue reading

5 Top Tips for Becoming a Better Bird Photographer

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  1. Backgrounds matter in photographs of birds – they matter a lot: More than almost any other type of photography, backgrounds are crucial for bird photographers. For flight shots, autofocus is much easier against a clean blue sky or calm water than against foliage or rocks. For perched shots, smooth, contrasting-color, backgrounds help make your subject pop. Remember that blue sky and water also make for easiest exposures. And for those shots where you want to give your audience a sense of a bird’s habitat, make sure the bird is naturally situated with enough distinguishing characteristics to identify the background, but not obscure the bird.
  2. Continue reading

5 Inspirational Ted Talks That Spark Creativity

5 Inspirational Ted Talks That Spark Creativity

Can’t get your creative juices flowing? Need inspiration to open up your creative mind? As creatives, sometimes we need an extra spark of inspiration to help bring new life to a project. To help you crawl out of a creative rut and give you a fresh perspective, below is a list of 5 inspirational Ted Talks to energize your brain and spark your creativity. Continue reading

5 Tips for Avoiding Photography Burnout & Staying Creative

5 tips for avoiding photography burnout and staying creative
It happens to all of us. Burnout. It creeps up, almost unnoticed. You just think you’re tired because you’re busy, and busy is good, right? That tends to be the mantra of us self employed. As if not filling every iota of time with a “to do” task means that we’re failures or our business is in jeopardy. Sooner or later all your days are filled with “busy” and we’re left with our jaws on the floor when we realize we haven’t take a day off since August and it’s nearly Thanksgiving (my constant battle each year with “wedding season” here in D.C.). Continue reading

Unique Engagement Posing Ideas That Your Clients will Love

Engagement Photo Posing Tips

Posing. For me, it’s always been the biggest “x” factor. You can have beautiful technical merit in an image but throw in a clumsy or awkward pose and the presence and impact of the photo deflate. Posing is one of those aspects of photography that I consider myself always a student of. Continue reading

Getting the Shot: Magical Floating Lights

Today’s guest post comes from photographer Lindsay Helms. Watch one of Lindsay’s latest ProShow slideshows here.

A couple months back I came up with a concept for a final image: a glass jar releasing (or capturing) magic. I have a nostalgic memory of capturing fireflies as a kid and I wanted to show how that felt. To a child, fireflies are so much more than just little bugs trying to mate, they are these magical creatures, maybe even magic itself. Continue reading