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Create 60fps Video in ProShow 7


In ProShow 7, many of the video file export presets were retooled so that creating high quality video files from your slideshows is simple and consistent. Part of this retooling process included adding 60 frames-per-second presets where appropriate. Today I’m going to cover why you’d want to create a 60fps video file and tell you where you can find these options.

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ProShow Video Slideshows Look Fantastic on the New iPhone 6

The iPhone 6's new Retina HD display makes your ProShow video slideshows look fantastic in HD

The new iPhone 6 is here, and it makes your ProShow video slideshows look great! With the highest resolution Retina HD screens ever offered on an iPhone, your HD shows will look fantastic.

Our mobile apps work with ProShow Web, ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer to easily let you play your shows on any iOS device.

The ProShow Web app connects to our online service, letting you build and play HD slideshows right from your device. It connects to your existing ProShow Web account, or lets you create a free account for making quick shows. The ProShow Web app is free with your ProShow Web account.

Our ProShow Remote app connects to ProShow Gold and Producer on your desktop. It lets you easily publish slideshows to your iPhone or iPad right from ProShow. You can even control playback on your computer. The ProShow Remote app is completely free.


Both apps support Apple’s AirPlay for streaming HD slideshows to your Apple TV. Its the easiest way to play an HD slideshow on your TV.

ProShow Web and ProShow Remote are both available from the Apple App Store, and work with any iOS device running iOS 7 or iOS 8. Use it on nearly any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Capturing Beautiful Outdoor Portraits with your Camera Phone

A few months ago I was out on a walk with my niece and my sister and a beautiful light started to peek through an otherwise dull day. My adorable niece started giggling and dancing around and I just WISHED I had my gear to capture some images!

Reaching in my back pocket, I pulled out the only camera I had (my iPhone) and started shooting. The photos turned out great because of some basic techniques I was able to use from my training as a photographer.

With an impromptu backdrop and some great outdoor light you can capture beautiful outdoor portraits with only your camera phone. It’s no replacement for my full set up, but in a pinch I was ready! Check out my tips below.

  1. Use a Great Camera App
  2. There are a handful of camera apps I use consistently on my iPhone. Camera + and Camera Awesome both provide excellent quality tools and are easy to use. There are a ton of built-in effects, but I mostly stick with subtle brightness adjustments and cropping. Pick a great camera app and set it as your default camera on your phone so you don’t have to fiddle with starting it up each time you want to snap a photo.

  3. Use a Simple Backdrop
  4. Anything with a solid color or consistent pattern in the background will allow you to keep the center of focus on the subject of your photos. It’s also great for creating a series of shots for a video slideshow like the one I put together below. Everything has a consistent look and feel that adds a touch of professionalism to your images!

  5. Avoid ‘The Pose’ and Shoot Candids
  6. For Candids, cell-phone cameras score over the DSLRs by being unaggressive and friendly. The tell-tale sign that you’re lining someone up to photograph them is putting the camera up to your eye level. So if you don’t want them to think that, leave the camera low.

    One way to be seen yet ignored is to take the time to blend into the background. What I do is find somewhere out of everyone’s way and stand or sit for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long before I become part of the scene. Less of a deception but relying on a shift of attention away from you is to wait till your subject’s attention is distracted by something else. Here it’s handy to have a friend engage your subject in conversation.

  7. Work with the Light You’ve Got
  8. Overcast day? Sun blaring down your subject? There’s not much you can do when mother nature is in the driver’s seat. Try different angles and move your subject around to find the best, most flattering light you can. Watch that your subject doesn’t get thrown into a shadow due to the sun being directly behind them. Try moving them to the right or left of the light source and see how their new position affects the photo.

My sister loved the photos we captured that day, so I turned them into a cute video slideshow that we’ll present to her over Valentine’s Day as a surprise!

Video made in ProShow Web using the’ Sweet Valentine’ theme. Also available as a free effects download for ProShow Gold + ProShow Producer.


ProShow Web Mobile Slideshow App Wins Hot One Award

ProShow Web app wins Hot 1 Award

We’re thrilled to announce our ProShow Web app has won a coveted Hot One Award from Professional Photographer magazine. This is the first year that mobile apps have had a distinct category in the awards, so this win is extra-special for us!

The ProShow Web app lets you create gorgeous video slideshows on your iPad or iPhone from your photos, video clips and music. Professional Photographer magazine recently took the app for a spin. Check out the review on their website here >>

The app is free for all ProShow Web users. Simply download the app from iTunes and log in to create, edit and share slideshows. New to ProShow Web? Try the app free to create 15-photo slideshows. Paid plans start at just $30/ year and give you access to longer shows, higher-quality output and more. Create and share videos in the app or on on your computer on the ProShow Web site.

ProShow Web App Mobilizes Slideshow Creation

Professional Photographer magazine recently reviewed our new ProShow Web app for iPad and iPhone in this review on their website. Click here to read the entire article and walk through the slideshow creation process with the writer.

Here’s a short excerpt of what they had to say:

Overall, I enjoyed using the ProShow Web App. I think this could be a really great tool for location or event photographers; for example, if you photograph weddings you could have your assistant create a show of highlights from the day for display at the wedding reception. Once created, the show could be displayed on a projector via your iPad, or simply posted to Facebook. There is a world of possibility!

Read the entire article here >>


ProShow Web App Update: Loop Videos

Have you downloaded the free ProShow Web app for iPad and iPhone yet? The app lets you mix photos, videos, text and music together into gorgeous, professional-quality video slideshows in a matter of minutes.

Today we’ve released an update that gives you the ability to loop your videos. Looping is perfect for displaying a video slideshow at a live event, trade show or anywhere else you may need to have a continuous video playing on your device. You can access the loop option on the show screen, there is a new loop button at the bottom. When looping is on, it lights up blue. When it is off, it’s gray.

Your videos can play directly from your ProShow Web account online or you download your videos to your iPad or iPhone’s camera roll to save and watch when you’re not connected to wifi.

Click here to download the app from iTunes >>


Best Apps and Accessories for Shooting Video with Your iPhone

By now you undoubtedly know that the iPhone features a very capable camera.  But did you know that it’s also a great video camera?

Right out of the box, the iPhone is a very solid option for those times when you need to shoot some quick clips for a slideshow. With just a few apps and some low-cost accessories you can easily improve your video production value and quickly turn your iPhone into a very powerful addition to your camera bag.

The Apps

For retro style video, I like 8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99). This is a great video companion to apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc. With 8mm, you can recreate classic home movie film colors/graininess, add projector sound effects and even add frame jitters (my favorite). Effects can also be applied to any existing video in your Camera Roll.

For “real” video, the best app by far is FiLMiC Pro ($3.99).  This app was designed with the videographer in mind.  Some of the key features are the ability to lock focus, exposure and white balance points.  You can shoot up to 1080p video,  change the video framerate, overlay a Thirds Guide to aid with shot composition, monitor Audio levels and even include a slate marker to note date/scene information.

To turn your video clips and photos into a cool video slideshow, check out the ProShow Web slideshow app for both iPhone and iPad. It has a built-in video trimmer that allows you to edit your clips and mix your video and stills together for a really spectacular slideshow. It features tons of cool effects and easy ways to share your finished video.

The Hardware Accessories

To build  a more powerful recording rig, let’s start with the most basic accessory, a frame to hold everything.  I really like this Adorama L-bracket ($8.49).  It’s simple, lightweight and features two standard shoe mounts.

To add an iPhone 4s to this bracket, try this iPhone Cradle Mount from Opteka ($12.95).  It’s inexpensive, but solidly built and fits any standard tripod or camera mount.  (Sorry, no iPhone 5 mounts are available just yet)

A shoe-mountable dimmable LED light is another must-have.  Prices vary greatly, but quality usually does not.  Most of  what you’ll find online in this category pretty much all comes from the same factory, only rebranded (and re-priced) by retailers.  I bought this one on Amazon for $30 and it works just fine.

Last but not least, let’s fill that second shoe mount with a microphone.   This is the only expensive accessory needed,  but it’s an absolute must if you want to record high quality sound to go along with your video clips.   The RØDE VideoMic ($149) is my preferred choice.

Naturally, because we’re working with an iDevice, you’ll also need an audio adapter to record the stereo signal coming from the VideoMic.  These are a little more difficult to find, but KV Connection has one that will take care of your iVideo needs for about $30.  I like this cable because it also features a headphone jack -making monitoring audio in the field even easier.