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ProShow Video Slideshows Look Fantastic on the New iPhone 6

The iPhone 6's new Retina HD display makes your ProShow video slideshows look fantastic in HD

The new iPhone 6 is here, and it makes your ProShow video slideshows look great! With the highest resolution Retina HD screens ever offered on an iPhone, your HD shows will look fantastic.

Our mobile apps work with ProShow Web, ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer to easily let you play your shows on any iOS device.

The ProShow Web app connects to our online service, letting you build and play HD slideshows right from your device. It connects to your existing ProShow Web account, or lets you create a free account for making quick shows. The ProShow Web app is free with your ProShow Web account.

Our ProShow Remote app connects to ProShow Gold and Producer on your desktop. It lets you easily publish slideshows to your iPhone or iPad right from ProShow. You can even control playback on your computer. The ProShow Remote app is completely free.


Both apps support Apple’s AirPlay for streaming HD slideshows to your Apple TV. Its the easiest way to play an HD slideshow on your TV.

ProShow Web and ProShow Remote are both available from the Apple App Store, and work with any iOS device running iOS 7 or iOS 8. Use it on nearly any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


ProShow Web App Update Gives Photographers More Control, Capability for Slideshow Creation


Professional Photographer magazine recently took the latest update to our award-winning ProShow Web app for a spin to review the new features. We were thrilled to see they enjoyed the new interface and found new features like custom timing control, photo captions and better sharing tools, helpful for photographers making video slideshows for clients.

Here are some highlights of what they had to say, plus a list of their favorite features below. You can read the full review here on their website.

“Photodex has released a new version of their iOS app, which provides a stylish new user interface, more custom controls and effects, text and caption options, better downloading and sharing tools, and more. The original app was nice, but I have to say I like all the improvements.” – Betsy Finn, Professional Photographer Magazine

Stand-Out Features:

  • easy-to-use interface
  • lots of effects for slides
  • automatic effects can be overriden
  • cloud storage allows updating/editing from any device
  • integrated with social media
  • extensive library of music, effects
  • ability to save finished videos to camera roll for offline viewing
  • expanded effects and text options

If you’re looking for a great tool to make professional video slideshows for your photography clients, give ProShow Web a try. You can sign up for a free trial account on the ProShow Web site or download the app free from the Apple app store to start making slideshows from your mobile device.


Hands on Review of the ProShow Web app for iOS

ProShow Web app review

Today’s guest post comes from photographer Rob Knight.

When I first began to explore the idea of “hybrid photography” the editing and output options for still photography + video were a big question. I thought, “Sure, I have a camera that can shoot video along with stills, but then what do I DO with it?” Luckily for me I was introduced to ProShow Web soon after that!

The web version of ProShow allows you to upload, edit and share photos & videos right inside of your web browser. It is easy to learn, easy to use and the results are beautiful. The folks at Photodex even seem to listen to their customers because they are constantly improving the software and adding features.

One of the things I’ve always liked about ProShow Web is the integration with the ProShow app for iOS devices. I can access, edit and even create shows on my iPad or iPhone. Now the iOS version has been updated to add many of the features that I use regularly in the web version. It is the perfect companion for my hybrid photography workflow that begins in my Wi-Fi enabled LUMIX cameras and ends with sharing my hybrid “eScapes” online.

Choose a Theme

ProShow Web app review
The ProShow app is a powerful tool, but it is also easy to use. Once you sign in and touch the “New Show” button you will pick a Theme for your show. A Theme is basically a collection of effects and transitions that will be applied to your images and videos. I find that “All the Standards” and “Full Frame” are good options for a variety of shows. If you take a few minutes to watch some of the Theme previews I’m sure you will find a few that are perfect for your project. Touch the “Create” button at the bottom of the screen when you’ve decided on a theme.

Add Your Content

ProShow Web app review
The next step is to add content to your show by touching the “+Add” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. My first stop is usually the “Photos & Videos” button. You can add photos and videos from your device, or you can choose content from your online services like Facebook, Instagram, SmugMug, etc. You can also import slides from your other ProShow Web projects.

Choose music from the built-in library

ProShow Web App Review

Adding a soundtrack to your show is an important part of creating a mood. Touch the “+add” button again, then touch “Music”. I generally stick with the built-in music library so I can share my shows without worrying about licensing music. If you upload music from your own library be sure you have the necessary permission to use it. The built-in music library contains hundreds of royalty-free songs that you can search for by tempo, category, length and more. I always seem to find a piece of music that is perfect for my projects.

Add titles

ProShow Web App Review
Titles are a new addition to the ProShow Web app. You can add a title slide by touching “+add” then “Title”. Use this to create a title slide, chapter divider, credits, etc. You can also add a title to a photo or video. To add titles to an image, select the image (or video) and touch “Edit” at the bottom of the screen. Use the “Text” box to add a caption to the slide. Turn on “Use Headings” to add a heading and sub-heading to your slide.

After your content is uploaded and added you can simply drag and drop to arrange your images, videos and titles. I usually mute my video clips by selecting the clip, touching the “Edit” button and selecting “Mute” in the Video box. Once everything looks the way you want it touch the “Build” button in the top-right corner of the screen. When your show is rendered you can save it to your device by touching the “Save” button, but I usually use the “Share” button instead. From here you can upload the show to Facebook, YouTube, SmugMug, etc. You can share your project without taking up valuable space on your mobile device.

The Finished Product

Hopefully these tips will help you get up to speed with the ProShow Web app. It is an easy and fun way to create beautiful slideshow on the move. Interface refinements and new tools like captions and titles make the mobile app better than ever!



Round-Up of Mobile Apps for Wedding Photographers

Mobile Apps for Wedding Photographers

The folks over at recently put together a great round-up of mobile apps for wedding photographers. Included are their top picks for portfolio presentation apps, image editing apps, slideshow apps, selling apps and more.

They selected ProShow Web as their app of choice for slideshow creation on-the-go. Here’s a quick overview of what they said:

“If you’ve ever used any of Photodex’s desktop products, you know that this company is one of the best slideshow software developers around. With ProShow Web, you get advanced features, ease of use and plenty of templates (there are three dozen templates for weddings alone). Of course, you can create your own templates as well.” – Theano Nikitas

Read the entire article here >>


Getting Started with the ProShow Web App for iOS

Learn how to get up and started using the ProShow Web app for iPad and iPhone. Combine your photos, videos and music into a stunning video slideshow to share online. In this video, we take a look at version 2.0 and some of the great new features found in this recent release. Get the app free here >


ProShow Web iOS 2.0 Launched

ProShow Web App for iOS

We’ve just launched a big update to our ProShow Web slideshow app for iOS that includes new creative features and a redesigned user interface.

Using the ProShow Web app, you can combine photos, video, text, music and effects to make stunning video slideshows. Choose from a wide array of professional themes and effects to stylize your videos and easily share your finished videos online or download to your device or computer.

Updated features like custom timing control, photo and video captions, improved show syncing and over 200 new text effects make the ProShow Web app the most robust video slideshow app for iOS.

New Features Include:

  • Stylish new user interface
  • Custom timing control for photo, video and text effects
  • Photo and video captioning
  • Over 200 new built-in text effects
  • New heading and subheading caption options
  • Improved show and audio syncing
  • Easily save finished videos to Camera Roll
  • Improved downloading and sharing tools
  • Improved browsing for Theme and Effect previews
  • Improved grouping for rearranging content
  • New privacy settings for videos

The ProShow Web app is free and integrates with Photodex’s ProShow Web online video creation service allowing you to make video slideshows from any web browser or directly through the app itself. All content is created, shared and stored seamlessly in the cloud.


Using the New ProShow Remote App with ProShow 6

ProShow Remote App

The all-new ProShow Remote app allows you to easily publish your ProShow 6 slideshows directly to your iOS device from your desktop. You can also remotely control live show playback on your computer and import photos and videos from your camera roll to a new slideshow on your computer!

How to connect the ProShow Remote app to your ProShow desktop software:

You’ll need ProShow Gold or Producer version 6 to use the ProShow Remote app. Once you have version 6 installed and the app downloaded, follow the instructions below to get set up!

  1. Open the ProShow Remote app on your device, then open your ProShow 6 desktop software on your computer.
  2. In ProShow, go to Tools > ProShow Remote App > Connect to Device and click on this option.
  3. Now, on your device, tap the blue Connect button in the app to view the list of available computers running ProShow on your network.
  4. On your device, tap the computer that you would like to connect to from the list.
  5. Now locate the 6 digit code found inside the ‘Connect to Remote App’ screen in your ProShow desktop software and enter this into the app and tap the green Connect button.

That’s it! You should now see your show thumbnail listed at the top of the ProShow Remote app and your desktop software should now say ‘Connected!’

You’ll be able to send shows wirelessly to your iDevice, control live playback of slideshows on your desktop and import photos and videos from your camera roll, directly into a new slideshow.

Need help with setup? Click here for installation help and check out our FAQ page.