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Tips for Sprucing Up Titles & Text in Your Slideshows

It happens all the time. Picture a perfectly nice bunch of photos, the slideshow beautiful in every respect… except for the underwhelming title slide at the very beginning. It’s the first thing you see when you watch the show. Doesn’t it seem worthy of a little extra attention for the sake of making a good first impression?

The thing is, people often assume that because text is a functional element, it doesn’t need things like beauty to justify its existence. But there’s no reason why it can’t be both! Text can have color, an exciting form, movement, and so much more.

Here’s a few simple tips that might just save a perfectly respectable show from being blighted with poor handling of text.

1) Don’t treat text like an afterthought.
Give it the same attention as you would a photo. This one seems like it goes without saying, but it’s the most common offense. Leaving captions at the default settings is safe, and won’t cause any disasters, but it’s not going to win you any special attention either. Put some thought and effort into touching up titles and captions so they look polished, even if you want them to be understated.

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Sharing Summer Memories

Our post this morning comes from our good friends at SmugMug. They offer up some great tips for sharing summer photos and an awesome 20% off discount just for ProShow users!

Arnold Palmers, sand between your toes, the distant tune of the ice cream truck… What does summer mean to you?

Whether it’s your time to ease up or take off, summer is precious. Make the most of it! At SmugMug, we live and breathe photography so we’re sharing some tips on how to use our tools to preserve your memories from the sweetest months of the year.

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Tiffany’s Love Stories Feature Unique Slideshows

Tiffany’s recently released a website called the Guide to Love and Romance. It features a lovely collection of stories of how couples met, fell in love and proposed. Watch the videos and you’ll see their unique technique of storytelling.

The videos they’ve created are essentially slideshows when you break them down – still images using a simple dissolve transition and a voiceover of the couple talking in the background. The documentary-style effect makes you feel like you’re really getting to know each couple and hear their story.

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Have a Question? Ask the Knowledge Base

Along with our new site update we added a user-friendly knowledge base to the Photodex website. Have a question about a certain feature? Need help burning a DVD? Lost your registration keys? You can find the answer to all these questions and more in the new knowledge base.

Just type a search term and explore the list of articles. A great way to quickly find the answer to a question or learn something new about ProShow. We’re always adding content and updating, so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

Rather speak to someone on the phone? No problem! We’re here to take your call and answer your email 7-days a week, free of charge! Call 1-800-377-4686 or send us an email.

Show of the Week: ‘Growing’ by Valerie Caldwell

This week’s show comes from Valerie Caldwell. Valerie owns and operates a studio in Round Rock, just north of Austin, TX. Being a mother of two young children solidifies her forte as children’s photographer and the delicate nature involved in capturing what a mother wants.

As a Mac user, Valerie uses ProShow Web to create her clients personalized video slideshows.

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Go Mobile with Slideshows

iPhone, iPod or iPad? Chances are, you have at least one or more smart device within reach right now. We all know how versatile and important these devices are in our lives, but what does a smart phone or portable media device have to do with slideshows? Well how does “they can help your business make more money” sound?

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Newborn Photography Tips

Today we have an awesome blog post from photographer Kelli Etheridge. She’s a master at newborn photography and shares her top tips for getting beautiful shots of newborns and children.

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