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Featured Photographer George Perina

Photographer George Perina lives on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. He’s been an active diver for 30 years, and has logged several thousand dives. The images he captures underwater (and above) are truly stunning and have appeared magazines such as ISLANDS and SPORT DIVER.

George uses ProShow Producer to create unique slideshows from his photos. Watch his slideshow ‘Nature Above and Below’ showing many of the images he’s captured over the years.

Visit George’s website Life in the Seas to see even more of his photography. Be sure and check out his beginner’s guide to underwater photography, lots of great tips and tricks!

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Featured Photographer John Ratchford

John Ratchford has developed his business around high school senior photography and it has become a huge success through the use of high impact imagery and slideshows. Watch one of his latest highschool senior slideshows created online in ProShow Web.

John’s been the recipient of numerous awards both nationally and internationally, as well as a sought after lecturer in Canada, the United States and Europe.

To view more of John’s photos visit his website.

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Infrared Photography Slideshow

We love this awesome infrared photography slideshow by photographer Kelli Etheridge. The timing of the music along with the minimalist effects is such a great way to present these images. Watch ‘Invisible Light’ below and be sure and check out Kelli’s top-watched family portrait slideshow ‘The Story of Isabelle‘.

Family Portrait Slideshow by Kay Eskridge

Not only is Kay Eskridge an amazing photographer, entrepreneur and all-around awesome gal…she’s also one heck of a slideshow maker! Watch one of her latest family portrait slideshows created in ProShow Producer to promote her studio.

Featured Photographer Kelli Etheridge

Kelli Etheridge is the owner of Etheridge Photographic, a photography studio located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, specializing in pregnancy, baby and family portraits. Kelli photographers some of life’s most precious memories and creates beautiful slideshows for her clients.

ProShow is my photographic storytelling tool – images come to life when creatively combined with music, captions and artistic effects. I am continually inspired by the possibilities that ProShow provides. If I can make your heart skip a beat, bring tears to your eyes, make you smile or laugh, then I have been successful”, says Kelli.

Watch her adorable slideshow, The Story of Isabelle.

See more of Kelli’s photos on her website. And don’t miss an opportunity to attend one of Kelli’s popular workshops on everything from ProShow to Studio Lighting..

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Featured Photographers Steve and Heidi Somfalvi

Heidi and Steve from Artäge Pictures quickly gained recognition for their unique ability to seamlessly weave video clips, still images and music into one final cohesive piece. In their search for a name to describe this “collage of art”, Artäge was born.

Their wedding photography business started on the heels of planning their very own wedding. In researching local photographers they discovered a void – one company that could offer both Heidi’s whimsical style mixed with Steve’s more dramatic imagery. As the years have passed, their brides became mothers and Artäge Pictures now finds itself as busy with weddings as it is with portraits of cute babies and grinning parents.

Watch ‘The Day After’ video below to see how they combine photos and video clips together into one final production for clients using ProShow Producer.

To see more of Steve and Heidi’s images and watch more awesome videos, visit the Artäge Pictures website.

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Featured Photographer Peter Atherton

British-born Peter Atherton owns and operates Atherton Photographic Studio in Menlo Park, specializing in high-end weddings and bridal fashion. His work can be seen gracing the covers of publications like Today’s Bride.

When Peter set out to create a demo reel for his studio, he turned to ProShow Producer. The outcome? A totally gorgeous, custom video complete with voice overs, sample shots, magazine covers and more, depicting all the best his studio has to offer.

Watch his studio’s demo reel below. Let us know what you think!

To view more of Peter’s photos visit his website and keep up-to-date on Peter’s latest news, workshops and events on his blog.

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