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Top 5 Effects for Reunion Slideshows

We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite effects for reunion and family history slideshows. These will help turn your ProShow slideshows into timeless keepsakes for years to come!

The Page Curl
One of our most popular transitions is the Page Curl. It simulates the look of a page turning to reveal the slide underneath. This transition is built-into ProShow Gold and Producer.

Old Film Projector
This slide style adds projection flicker, dust and scratches to your photo for a cool old-timey look. Old Film Projector is available in StylePack 2.

Vintage 09
Found in the Vintage StylePack, this slide style simulates the look of having your photo or video projected on a movie screen.

This transition simulates clouds sweeping over your previous slide, revealing the next one. Available in Transition Pack 1.

Photo Mobile
This slide style uses 18 images to create a unique photo mobile effect. Three columns of images swing into view, each frame turns revealing a new image until the center tumbles out of view and a caption appears. Available in StylePack 3.

What are some of your favorite slide styles and transitions in ProShow?


How To Scan Photos for a Slideshow

Chances are, if you’re creating a reunion or family history slideshow you may have to scan in old prints to get them into a digital format to use in your slideshow. As much as this may seem to be a daunting task, technology has made it easier and easier to go from old and torn print to shiny, new digital image.

Below are a few tips to get you started, for a more in-depth look into the world of scanning check out this 3 part series on the Presentation Impact blog.

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Free Effects for ProShow – Leaves and Trees

Who doesn’t like free stuff? As promised in our Creating Reunion Slideshows guide, we’re offering a couple of awesome free goodies for you to download, to help you get the ball rolling on your next reunion slideshow (or any show for that matter). Check out the demo video to see the effects in action. Continue reading

Tips for Projecting Slideshows

A common scenario for reunions and events is to project slideshows on a large screen. Before you debut your masterpiece, here are some tips to ensure that your show plays without a hitch.

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How to Create & Share Reunion Slideshows

Summer is reunion time for many of us. Whether you’re meeting up at a casual retreat or a fancy reception hall, there’s no better way to take a stroll down memory lane than with a reunion slideshow.

To help you get started, check out our complete how-to guide, featuring tips, tools, downloadable goodies and inspiring sample videos. You’ll be amazed by how quick and easy it is to create a reunion show everyone will remember.

1) Plan, Prep and Get Inspired
Is your slideshow for a family reunion or genealogy tour? Class reunion? Military homecoming or unit reunion? Whatever the occasion, a good reunion show must begin with a plan.

Many people find it helpful to “storyboard” their shows.
This is just a simple tool for getting your plans on paper. Just sketch or list out the sequence of events in your show, and you’ll be less likely to omit things or go off on tangents.

Download a free printable storyboard PDF here.

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ProShow Plug-in for Adobe Lightroom

The ProShow plug-in for Lightroom has just made it into the top 5 most popular plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom! Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded and made this happen!

If you’re using ProShow and Lightroom, this is a must-have tool. It makes exporting your photos into a ProShow slideshow easy and hassle-free.

Watch the video on how to use the ProShow Plug-in for Lightroom.

The plug-in exports your photos directly to ProShow from Lightroom, re-sized and ready for show creation. Export a group of photos directly to ProShow Producer to create a quick slideshow or upload directly to your ProShow Web account, into an existing slideshow or create a new one.

Download it free from our site.

Reselling Slideshows to Businesses

We often get the question, “Can I resell the slideshows I create with ProShow to a business?” The answer is yes!

Whether you’re selling to an individual or a business, you can resell the slideshows you create with all ProShow products including ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer and ProShow Web (with a Premium account).

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