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Creating a Spotlight Effect

Adding a spotlight effect on a photo can add drama, flair and excitement to your slideshow. With ProShow Producer, you can use this effect to highlight parts of an image, bring focus to certain subjects in a photo and create the illusion of a moving spotlight.

Using a combination of masks and vingnettes, you can easily achieve this cool effect.

Check out this article in our Knowledge Base for step by step instructions to learn how this is done. Once you’ve created your spotlight effect, save it as a Slide Style to re-use it in a future slideshow!

Show of the Week: Tara & Sean Married

This week’s slideshow comes from Caroline Tien-Spalding, owner and creator of Sphynge Photography, an exclusive boutique photography service. They’ve been crafting artistic, painting-inspired photographs for clients around the world since 2005.

Slideshow made with ProShow Web.

“Our art has been described as very editorial, with a strong sense of color and composition. It’s also very “chameleon” – I tell my clients that photography is like food, what’s too salty for me might not be salty enough for them.

We spend a lot of time before the engagement session tuning our eyes to our client’s taste, so that we can deliver their own view through our lens. So I think you’ll see variety in styles within our overall painting-inspired photoshophy.

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Sports and Action Photography Tips Pt. 2

Following up from last time…now that you have all of those great Sports/Action photos, let’s look at some best practices for making awesome Sports and Action slideshows.

Beijing Olympics 2008, Fencing Match. Photo by Serge Timacheff, official FIE photographer.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops

The Photodex team is hitting the road for a handful of trade shows and workshops over the next few months. We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events where we’ll be showing off the latest and greatest ProShow products, doing hands-on demonstrations and offering some pretty sweet show specials along the way!

Skip’s Summer School starts this Sunday. Hope to see you in Vegas!

Stay tuned for some live blogging and behind the scenes fun at these upcoming events!

Going to any of these events? Let us know in the comments below, we’ll have a little surprise waiting for you at our booth.

Is Customer Service Becoming a Lost Art?

We recently received some pretty high-level praise from a journalist who was amazed that we actually answered our 800 number. No, not with a computerized menu — with a real person who answered her question right-away and even followed up with an email. This shouldn’t be a shock, but unfortunately, it is.

All industries have suffered from sky-rocketing costs and a down economy which has led to a rash of outsourcing customer support to foreign companies and using computerized voicemail systems to save on costs.

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Photoshop World for Photographers

With Photoshop World just around the corner, the Photodex events team is hard at work gearing up for the big show.

Think this event is just for graphic designers? Think again! With tons of photography-related classes, special events and instructors, this is a must-attend event for photographers wanting to learn how to take better photos, market their photography business and sharpen their Photoshop skills.

From Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet, to marketing guru Scott Bourne, Photoshop World is full of exceptional instructors giving inspiring tutorials about photography, marketing and design.

Plus, discover the latest & greatest technology, products and services at the Photoshop World photography expo.

The expo is where you’ll find us giving ProShow product demos, showcasing our free Plug-in for Lightroom and offering some amazing show specials.

Are you going to Photoshop World? Let us know in the comments below, we’ll have a little surprise waiting for you at our booth!

[FRAMED] Photo Contest

Photodex is so excited to be sponsoring this week’s [FRAMED] ‘Frame Your Best Shot’ photo contest.

[FRAMED] is a fun and totally inspiring weekly video broadcast for aspiring and professional photographers, just visit their site to watch.

You’ll see cinematic “behind-the-scenes” action and tutorials from real-world photographers sharing their tips with you.

The contest theme this week is Landscape and Architecture photography.

Watch the video above to see last week’s winner and learn more about the contest. Enter your best landscape/ architecture photo in this week’s contest for a chance to win a one-year, Premium subscription to ProShow Web!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Upload your “Landscape/Architecture” shot to the [FRAMED] Facebook Page. Simply go to the wall and upload your photo.

2. Once you’ve uploaded your photo, viewers can vote by clicking “like” on your photo to cast their vote for you to win. Photos with the most votes will be put into the top finalists. The winner will then be picked and judged by a group of [FRAMED] photographers for quality, creativity, and composition.

Good luck!