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2017 Latow AV Festival

Today’s guest post comes from AV Festival Director Paul Sparrow

Each year the Latow Photographers Guild at the Art Gallery of Burlington holds a showcase of international audio-visual shows by photographers from different parts of the world that are using the AV medium to show off their work in unique and imaginative ways. Not just slide shows but integrated AV experiences to soundtracks presented on a theatre size screen using HD projection and surround sound which creates a truly inspiring experience for the audience. This is a great evening for photographers, other visual artists, and the general public who simply appreciate a good show.

The Festival is international in scope this year consisting of productions by photographers from Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany and the USA that highlight different styles of photography, using different techniques, by coordinating the imagery with musical soundtracks into dynamic AV presentations.

The evening is open to the general public and advance tickets can be had at the AV Festival web site or can be purchased at-the-door (depending on availability).

The festival will be taking place Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 7 PM in Burlington ON.




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