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Small Business Accounting Tips

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January marks the beginning of a new year with memories of the year just ended. While many people are recovering from a busy holiday season, business owners begin to focus their attention toward a dreaded but necessary part of running their business – preparing their income tax return.Continue reading

How to Transfer Your Slideshows Between Computers

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Have you recently upgraded to a new computer and need to transfer your ProShow slideshows over? No problem! Follow the steps below to learn how to easily move your shows to a new computer.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Collect Show Files
  • Transfer Collected Show Files to a New Computer
  • Install and Register ProShow
  • Load Your Shows

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5 Top Tips for Becoming a Better Bird Photographer

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  1. Backgrounds matter in photographs of birds – they matter a lot: More than almost any other type of photography, backgrounds are crucial for bird photographers. For flight shots, autofocus is much easier against a clean blue sky or calm water than against foliage or rocks. For perched shots, smooth, contrasting-color, backgrounds help make your subject pop. Remember that blue sky and water also make for easiest exposures. And for those shots where you want to give your audience a sense of a bird’s habitat, make sure the bird is naturally situated with enough distinguishing characteristics to identify the background, but not obscure the bird.
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How to Offset an Audio Track

ProShow allows you customize your audio with offsets. Include multiple soundtracks if you have images that tell different stories, or apply offsets to merge two soundtracks to create a crossfade. Add offsets to your slide sound as well and match them up with your keyframe effects. Continue reading

Create a Double Exposure Look with Masking


There’s been a pretty strong resurgence of double-exposure photography. We’ve seen it in places like HBO’s’ The Leftovers’ opening credits. And, 500px recently posted this round-up of some really extraordinary double-exposure shots. Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Hoffland Studios

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Want to sell more albums? Try creating an album preview slideshow. That’s exactly what Houston-based photographer Eric Hoffland does and his clients love it!

Eric created this beautiful wedding day slideshow using ProShow Producer. He uses ProShow Producer to create “album layout slideshows” to demo his albums to clients as part of a final production approval. Once they see the album pages moving on the screen paired with a beautiful song, they’re hooked.Continue reading

Bettering Your Photography Business in the Off Season


Not everyone gets an “off” season like photographers tend to. Most people work 5 days a week, year round, except for their week or two of vacation. Despite that, I like to think that we’re the lucky ones. Speaking for wedding & portrait photographers, we work like dogs in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but Winter tends to be our “off season.” A time for regrouping and bettering ourselves and our businesses. Here are a few things I like to do during my off season in my never ending quest for bettering my business: Continue reading