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Building Your Business with Lisa Robinson

Lisa Robinson

In collaboration with Skip Cohen University, we’re excited to bring you the fourth episode in our new podcast – The ProShow Spotlight Series. Every month, we share advice from some of the very best artists and business people in photography today. Each new episode has one primary purpose, to help you build a stronger business. Continue reading

5 Incredibly Useful Tips When Using ProShow’s FX Manager

5 Tips for Using the FX Manager in ProShow

The Effects (FX) manager in ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer is a one-stop-shop for access to all slides styles, transitions and themes that you have installed. Below are 5 incredibly useful tips when using this window to access, edit and manage your effects. Continue reading

Unique Engagement Posing Ideas That Your Clients will Love

Engagement Photo Posing Tips

Posing. For me, it’s always been the biggest “x” factor. You can have beautiful technical merit in an image but throw in a clumsy or awkward pose and the presence and impact of the photo deflate. Posing is one of those aspects of photography that I consider myself always a student of. Continue reading

New Free Effects for ProShow 7: Add a Cool Vintage Vibe to Your Shows

New ProShow 7 Theme : An Affair to Remember

We are so excited to share our latest ProShow Theme + FX set with you – a free download for ProShow Gold 7 and ProShow Producer 7! ‘An Affair to Remember’ has a beautiful, throw-back style with rich tones and a cool vintage vibe. Perfect for a wide variety of slideshows including milestone birthdays, anniversaries, family history slideshows, wedding slideshows and more. Tell a life story, celebrate a special event and so much more with this gorgeous new theme.

Continue reading

Time Saving Tips in ProShow: Using Copy Settings

Using the Copy Settings feature in ProShow

One of the golden rules for ProShow is “When in doubt, right-click”. No matter where you are in the program, when you right click, chances are you’ll find some very useful options waiting for you. Some of the most helpful are the Copy Settings options. When working in the Slide Options window, these can really help you save time building and customizing your shows. Continue reading

Learn How To Create a Slide Style in ProShow 7

Learn how to make a slide style in ProShow.

Love using slide styles to bring your ProShow slideshows to life? With ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer, you can create your own slide styles and (believe it or not) it’s a fairly simple process. Follow along with this simple tutorial to walk through the process, then try your hand at creating some of your own slide styles! Continue reading

Learn How To Use the New ‘Mute All Videos’ Feature in ProShow Web

Learn how to mute videos in your ProShow Web slideshows.

We’ve rolled out a handy (and very requested!) new feature in ProShow Web called ‘Mute All Videos’. If you’re mixing a lot of short video clips into your slideshows, this new feature will be a huge time saver. Continue reading