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Getting Started with ProShow Gold 7

New to ProShow Gold? Check out this quick run-through of the software that will get you up and running with your first slideshow in just a few minutes. Learn how to add photos and videos, choose music and FX and output your finished show. Download ProShow Gold and follow along!

Start with the ProShow Wizard

The Wizard is fast, easy and, basically builds a show for you with just a few clicks. When you open ProShow Gold, the very first thing you’ll see is the New Slide Show window. Select the Wizard icon, and click the Create button to get started.

ProShow Gold's wizard makes creating a slideshow fast and easy. Continue reading

NECC 2015 Semi-Finalist Video Slideshow Showcase

We teamed up with Sigma and the New England Camera Club Council to put together this video showcasing the 40 semi-finalists in the Sigma Showcase Photo Contest held during the 70th annual NECCC conference last week. Continue reading

Getting the Shot: Magical Floating Lights

Today’s guest post comes from photographer Lindsay Helms. Watch one of Lindsay’s latest ProShow slideshows here.

A couple months back I came up with a concept for a final image: a glass jar releasing (or capturing) magic. I have a nostalgic memory of capturing fireflies as a kid and I wanted to show how that felt. To a child, fireflies are so much more than just little bugs trying to mate, they are these magical creatures, maybe even magic itself. Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Lindsay Helms Photography

Lindsay Helms Photography

Lindsay Helms has a way with animals (and people for that matter) that shines through in her photography. We took one look at her work and fell in love with her images, each one telling such a beautiful story. Watch a ProShow slideshow of her work and learn more about Lindsay Continue reading

ProShow 7 Training: Using the Download FX and Content Feature

Learn how to use the Download FX and Content feature in ProShow 7. This video walks you through the process and shows you how to get tons of free FX, backgrounds, borders and more to use in your slideshows. Continue reading

ProShow Music Library Artist Spotlight: Alumo Music

ProShow Music Artist Spotlight Alumo Music

The ProShow music library features songs and artists from around the world. One stand-out artist is Alumo Music, aka Matt Harris. Matt started making music at a young age and has composed music for the BBC, the Lonely Planet series and more. He specializes in creating upbeat instrumental tunes for video and slideshow creators. Continue reading

ProShow Podcast Series: Building Your Business with Sal Cincotta

ProShow podcast with Skip Cohen and Sal Cincotta

In collaboration with Skip Cohen University, we’re launching a new podcast – The ProShow Spotlight Series. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing advice from some of the very best artists and business people in photography today. Each new episode has one primary purpose, to help you build a stronger business. Continue reading