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5 Right-Click Gems in ProShow 6

5 Right Click Gems in ProShow

The right-click menus in ProShow have some really useful features that can speed up your workflow and get you to features and options quicker than other methods. Here’s a round up of 5 great right-click options that we think you’ll find very useful! Continue reading

The Insider’s Guide to Selling Slideshows for Profit


Ready to start selling your photo and video slideshows for profit? Click the play button below to watch this informative webinar with your hosts Cathi Nelson (Founder of APPO) and Jenny Larson (Owner of Forever Digital Memories). Both Cathi and Jenny share their tips on making the most out of selling to clients and keeping them coming back for more. Continue reading

The Ultimate Slideshow Effects Guide

The Ultimate Slideshow Effects Guide for ProShow 6


With over 900 built-in effects in ProShow Gold and Producer combined, plus hundreds more from ProShow Effects Packs, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options you can choose from. Luckily, the Creative team at Photodex has got you covered with the most comprehensive list of recommended effects to date! Continue reading


5 Intro Ideas for Every Type of Photo and Video Slideshow

5 Intro Ideas for your Slideshows

The way you start your slideshow (or any presentation) — sets the tone & context for all that follows. The moment the video starts to play, your audience will spend the first 30-60 seconds sizing up three thingsContinue reading

Words of Wisdom: Take Your Love of Photography to the Next Level

william innes photography
photo by William Innes

If you’re looking to step up your game and take your love of photography to the next level, check out these inspiring words of wisdom from this group of seasoned pros. Continue reading

Improve Your Slideshow’s Flow with Montages & Videos

Use a photo montage or video to help with the flow of your slideshow.

Flow — in terms of a slideshow, song or movie (anything that changes over time) is somewhat tricky to describe but you can feel it. It’s about energy and its relationship with the structure of the work. Most people can tell if the flow of a slideshow feels good (even if they don’t know why), because there is a feeling of momentum and new things around the corner and because… Continue reading

Moving Multiple Keyframes at Once in ProShow Producer

Use the keyframe editor to select multiple keyframes at once.

Today’s guest post comes from Dale Fenimore.

Time and again, people ask how to move multiple keyframes in ProShow Producer without changing the spacing between them. It can be a handy tool to have your arsenal if you’re working on a complex effect and need to change the position of multiple keyframe points at once. Continue reading