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ProShow Output: Flash Drives vs DVD Discs

Building slideshows is the hallmark of so many moments in our lives. One of the most important parts of the process is publishing the final product, and the most common medium is DVD.

While DVD is a great option for output, there is an alternative you can use that provides high definition, allows you to get creative with your packaging, and makes it much easier to share slideshows – the flash drive. Continue reading

Taking Your Passion for Nature Photography to the Next Level

photo by Roman M. Kurywczak

Today’s guest post comes from Roman M. Kurywczak, owner of Roman’ with Roman Photo Tours.

As a successful owner of a small nature photography tour company, Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours, I am often approached by other photographers asking me how they could turn their passion of nature photography into a successful business for themselves. If I had to choose one word, it would be passion. Continue reading

Stunningly Life-Like Photos Featured in Curious Critters: Marine Book

Photo by David FitzSimmons

We teamed with photographer David FitzSimmons to create an outstanding video piece for the 3rd installment of his best-selling ‘Curious Critters‘ books series. Continue reading

Best ProShow FX for Sports and Action Slideshows

If you’re working on a sports slideshow, quick-paced, action-packed effects will make your show entertaining and exciting! Below is a round-up of some of the best ProShow FX to use for sports video slideshows. Continue reading

Exposed: 10 Best Sites to Get Your Photography Noticed

Whether you’re starting out in your photography career or looking to get more exposure and work, check out this list of sites. Continue reading

How To Split Your Soundtrack Into Two Parts in ProShow

Split Track Here is a great tool for those that need a quick way to split a song into two parts without having to re-import the same song twice. When you split a song in ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer it takes a single song and splits it into two separate tracks giving you complete control over both parts.Continue reading

Show of the Week: Abbey Photography Promo Video

A great promotional video showcases your best work and gives potential clients a glimpse of your photographic style. For example, this video from the award-winning team Abbey Photographers in New Jersey, showcases their classic style and some of their best shots. Continue reading