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5 Handy Right Clicks in ProShow 7


Want to save more time when creating your show? The ProShow right click menu has many time saving features. Here are a few of the features we think you’ll find beneficial!Continue reading

Spotlighted Show: Katherine Foreman Photography


Every other Friday we feature a new Spotlighted Show made by one of our awesome customers. This week, photographer Katherine Foreman shares a wonderful family portrait slideshow she made in ProShow Producer 7. Continue reading

5 Awesome Multi-Image Montage FX

crossing paths
Crossing Paths, StylePack 4

If you’re ready to break out of the monotony of a one image per slide show, add some excitement by using a multi-image montage effect. They’re great for introducing a new section of a slideshow, as an opening, a finale, or anywhere you to add a little liveliness and surprise to the flow.Continue reading

Export Your Photos to ProShow from Adobe Lightroom

lightroom main blog photo (1)

ProShow’s Plug-In for Lightroom allows you to export all your photos directly from Lightroom to ProShow quick and easy. After editing your photos in Lightroom, select the photos you want to use in a new or existing slideshow. Hit the export button in Lightroom, then select ProShow Gold, Producer, or Web, and adjust your slideshow settings in the pop-up box, then export.Continue reading

Through the Lens with Tamron

We teamed up with Tamron to bring you a special ProShow slideshow featuring images captured with their new SP35mm and SP45mm lenses. Continue reading

5 Inspirational Ted Talks That Spark Creativity

5 Inspirational Ted Talks That Spark Creativity

Can’t get your creative juices flowing? Need inspiration to open up your creative mind? As creatives, sometimes we need an extra spark of inspiration to help bring new life to a project. To help you crawl out of a creative rut and give you a fresh perspective, below is a list of 5 inspirational Ted Talks to energize your brain and spark your creativity. Continue reading

5 Tips for Avoiding Photography Burnout & Staying Creative

5 tips for avoiding photography burnout and staying creative
It happens to all of us. Burnout. It creeps up, almost unnoticed. You just think you’re tired because you’re busy, and busy is good, right? That tends to be the mantra of us self employed. As if not filling every iota of time with a “to do” task means that we’re failures or our business is in jeopardy. Sooner or later all your days are filled with “busy” and we’re left with our jaws on the floor when we realize we haven’t take a day off since August and it’s nearly Thanksgiving (my constant battle each year with “wedding season” here in D.C.). Continue reading